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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wilfong Finds Probable Cause for 450 Charges

Pocahontas County Magistrate, Carrie Wilfong has signed off on 350 of 1250 charges finding probable cause that a crime was committed by two persons.  Other charges are pending.  Two people are facing charges for stealing lottery tickets.  They were charged with felonies for 350 that they had scratched off.  Hundreds more were allegedly stolen.

Defendants may end up spending the rest of this century in prison.  They were charged with felonies only for those tickets they scratched off.

Magistrate Wilfong nearly wore out her arm signing the papers.

1 comment:

  1. To bad the local law and magistrate could fibd it in thier hearts to do the same for sir rotten and company.

    Heck we all know stealing a scratch off ticket is far worse a felony Danville asking and raping women at least in Pocahontas County.

    Austin Powerless international Man of Mystery and the inventer of the shoe string.


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