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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Does our fulltime Sheriff have a Moonlighting Job?

Dog/Cat case has provided an excellent opportunity to probe a much broader question--Has the sheriff been moonlighting at D & E College for either compensation?  

There has been lots of rumor that he actually has some kind of deal with D&E where his children go to school.  Since he is full-time he cannot receive additional compensation for outside work.  

If the McNally case comes to fruition as is expected we may have some answers to these questions.  McNally has filed for disclosure from the sheriff AND D&E REGARDING THIS RUMORED ARRANGEMENT.  

This is a part of the case in which the Sheriff had McNally's home search at night and forced McNally to spend a night in jail.  They found two dog tags in their search.

Discovery is a powerful tool.  It is noteworthy that neither entity has responded to McNally's discovery petition.  He is subpoenaing the records from the school.  Stay tuned!!


  1. think this mcnally may be a nut job much like yourself!

    1. Funny from a man with so much under the desk experience.

  2. Two dog tags and he owned 2 dogs.
    My god we need to get the FBI involved.

    They can find dog tags after jailing a man and searching his home when the records were avaliable in the court house. All of this over a dead cat and maybe a little payback.

    But this same Sheriff could find no evidence aginst one of his golden boys with over 2 dozen victims and who knows how many willing witness and victim testimonials.

    Austin Powerless International man of mystery who is laughing his ass off over the irony of this situation.
    Also noted inventer of the shoe lace.

  3. you know you have to ask yourself why a man with 2 daughters and a wife at home could stand by while totten was doing all his dirt and not put a stop to it took a judge to stop it .... what kind of man just stands by and does nothing and even defends his deputy and denies that it even happened ....a coward comes to mind...oh yeah and a liar..... a lot of people wonder why he walks around with such arrogance when he has had such a bad administration .....he will simply be remembered long after he is gone infamously just as chief run a muck ...we the people of this county are to blame when the rapist coped a plea part of that deal should have been that the sheriff resign in disgrace we should have demanded it ... although his defense could have been that he was so taken up with his job at davis &elkins that he didn't have time to watch out for the job he was elected to .... pity

  4. Hes going to need a job when hes out of office.
    Humping buffalo shoud be worried also.

  5. Will he get to keep his rank as Grand Marshall commandant and malevolent master of poke a hoe and can he keep those who have become professional rear end kisser and suck ups in general.

  6. I wonder if this alleged Moonlighting job could have interfered with the investigation of the bike gangs and South American cartels invading Pocahontas County.
    That could be why after several years none of them have been found arrested or noted in any way in the newspaper or by public observations.
    They must be dam sneeky and learned how to operate from people like sir rotten and bad check Benny and the fried felon.
    As the Sheriff office couldnt find evidence aginst any of them. Dam bike gangs and South American drug cartel sure are sneaky. And well trained, so well trained no one has seen one yet.

    Austin Powerless international Man of Mystery and man who calls a bucket of horse dung just that not a bouquet of roses.
    Noted inventer of the shoe string and the author of how to tell when your chain is being jerked by a common liar.

  7. He couldnt find evidence about totten right under his nose with the pa providing verbal testimony from one r school age kids how the hell would he find evidence involving biker gangs and cartels.

    Lol lol what a joke.

  8. Dog and cat case is about as big as it gets.

    Major case .
    Lol what a joke the law made such a big deal out of it.

  9. I wonder what the loyal followers and brown nosers will do when the big 5 star guy is no longer the man and able to cover the backs and rear ends of those with 100.00 mouths and .05 asses.
    Will the mouth still run like they have diarrhe and Pump Up those little pigeon chests.


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