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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Q: Is there something that a Democrat is allowed to do but now a Republican

Thursday Sept 1 A Democrat Prosecutor will attempt
to remove a Republican Candidate for Assessor from
the General Election Ballot.

Eugene Simmons argues that ...

IRONY:  This is the way Gene became Pocahontas Prosecutor.  He didn't run in the primary and filed by petition to run in the general election as an Independent despite the fact that he himself was a Democrat.  He beat Donna Meadows-Price who had won the Democratic Primary.

Johnny Pritt is running as a Republican but didn't run in the primary.  He gained ballot access via the same process Gene got on the ballot.  Johnny is running as an Independent.

Now Gene is fighting to have Johnny Pritt thrown off the ballot.  

It is possible that if the Judge determines that the Republican  candidate is ineligible it will actually be a loss for Gene who did the same thing and may end up with his election being invalidated as well.  

Hearing tomorrow morning at 10:30.

This one is  a doozy of a hearing!  Don't miss it!

Gene could win it and end up invalidating his own election.

The fun will be watching Gene argue this case!  You won't want to miss this won.  

Be there!

Find out if there is a different law for Democrats than Republicans!!


  1. I don't think it matters what Pritt's party affiliation is, as long as he was nominated by at least 37 independents (1% of county voters), and he wasn't. Out of 75 signatures, only 17 are independent voters...not even half the number he needed. Was Simmons nominated by the proper number of independents? If so, then his nomination may have still stood up in court even if he was a registered Democrat. No quo warranto was ever filed against Simmons, so he was never proven guilty of any wrong doing in the courts. It is still innocent until proven guilty, right?

    1. how are Hillary supporters like Christmas lights.

      They all hang out with each other all year, half of them don't work , and the ones that do work, are not very bright.

      Adolph Hitler was never proven to be guilty in court.
      Hillary has never been convicted in court either at least not yet.
      Of course she never had her license to practice law suspended several times like other demo lawyers we may know.

  2. You have a seriously short memory.
    There is NOT a different law for D's than R's.
    Had someone pursued the Simmons matter BEFORE the election, then his name would have NEVER been on the ballot. The Supreme Court ruled that the challenge filed AFTER Simmons' election was too little too late.
    And if McCullough claims she asked for a quo warranto but was denied, then she should have pursued an appeal of that denial BEFORE the election.
    By the way, was Leyzorek "nominated" by a sufficient number of independent voters, or are you choosing to ignore that?

  3. They dont call him honest Simmons for nothing.
    Look at those who supported him.
    Talk about a honest group of dedicated citizens and public employees all working for what is best for someone .
    I think it was the aux the sheriff and fine men like sir Rotten maybe even the ky fried deputy who helped.

    We have so much we owe them all for.

    Austin Powerless .
    International man of mystery and man who is not in need of hand cuffs and a arrest warrant to shag any woman.
    Also noted inventer of the shoe string and chewing gum remover spray.


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