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Friday, August 12, 2016

How Laura Got Ferrel Freed


  1. Smart defense.
    The fact this issue was pursued by the court and the sheriff from really surprises me.
    It's fairly common knowledge that Farrell is a special person.
    He needs a little guidance from time to time but overall it's been able to take care of himself very well.
    But the way they went after Farrell really shows the intelligence level of those involved.
    The police force after arrest people when they commit obvious crimes but it's also up to them whether the person needs to be prosecuted or does a person need help.
    Common sense instead of newspaper headlines.
    Saving the taxpayer dollars instead of squandering it.
    What do you expect its Pocahontas County.
    Lack of professionalism and Common Sense run amok in Pocahontas County.

  2. the intent was to put a shadow on ferrel for the hudsons and bank fire in town so as to cover up that someone closer to the inner sanctum torched those buildings .... did hudsons ever get paid for the insurance???? hint the torch grins a lot.....


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