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Monday, July 25, 2016

Sometime the Truth is Hard to Get

Editor's Note:  Sex with Public Officials particular deputies has proven to be an instant retirement program for girls in Pocahontas.  Even sometimes just the harassment itself is a valuable commodity.  This young lady got $75,000 for her harassment by a deputy.  Lawrence J. Smith the gadfly of Charleston is still digging for the truth in this matter.


  1. I wonder if Norman is related to Lawrence J. Smith.

    1. I wonder if you have a IQ over 70.

  2. So they want a list of complaints made aginst sir rotten.
    When you consider some of the sheriff's refused even admit there was an issue and considering that when a underage school girl complained she was considering a liar and the sheriff walked out.
    Another Sheriff just said don't do that again. And that 65 counts were dropped to spare the victims. (yea right)
    Talk about rigs systems the DNC hasn't got anything over Pocahontas County.
    She should get a million.

  3. Also every drug case that totten used a female informant on should be investigated and probably overturned I would be very suspicious of how he got them to do this exerting the fear of possible rape could be one reason.

  4. Anyone who thinks this is just about Totten has their head in the sand. Totten spilled the beans AFTER he was sentenced on many other areas of corruption in Pocahontas County and yet all we hear are the crickets singing. How does one privately contact Norman to investigate this?


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