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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Judicial Waterboarding in Pocahontas County--The Video

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  1. Really why did you plead guilty.
    I think its plain you should of had your case dismissed.
    But you pleaded guilty.
    Your lawyer should work with the pa.
    and the sheriffs office and get you a kindergarden kid to represent you in my opnion.

    Really luther we are all responsible for ourseelf.
    When she said to plead guilty with the plaintiff and the arresting officer not there the shes not qualified to walk a dog warning light and alarm should of gone off.
    You pleaded guilty to a crime with no witness no victim no evidence but a statement and you as a witness aginst yourself.
    Next to living on the streets sleeping on park benches and people's couches do you think there may have been some bad decisions along the way to get you there.
    I don't think anybody but you made those decisions.
    Its like the guy complaining he got pulled over for driving at night in the rain with no windshield wipers and doing 85 in a 35 mile an hour Zone.
    I really hope you get your life together.
    Do not ever expect a Pocahontas County police officer to look out for what's right legal or good for you. History has demostrated time and time again that is highly unlikely except for a couple of the local boys you still have a heart.
    Carrie should know when you handle the paperwork of legal documents her name never should have been xed out on a legal document or white out used in my opinion.
    When's the last time you ever saw a lawyer do that on a legal document.
    NEVER. And if they did they had a long history drug and alcohol abuse
    And that's before they finish Law School.
    All of this is par for backwoods Woods small-town hick legal systems and law enforcement who have limited experience and training and lack of supervision.
    Sometimes it a rare cases of use of power for vengeance or punishment which is not the case here in my opinion.

    The Road Runner...


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