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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kindergarten Lawyers are the best

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Maybe We Should Let Kindergarten kids be magistrat...": 

No arresting officer no witness and no victim in court and his lawyer has him plead

Why cant guys like totten get representation like that.Instead of working a deal to drop 65 felonys to protect the victims.
Protect the victims after sexual abuse and rape not before.Protect them from who.

We need more kindergarten qualified lawyers in Pocahontas County.

maybe go out on a limb here and get some first grade judges and magistrates maybe even third grade.
We already have the preschool law enforcement.
The best deputy in the state maybe the nation lol.
Thats a statement that has a entire state full of people slapping eachother on the back and laughing like hell gasping for air.

And jl found god lol another knee slapper.

We couldnt find any evidence aginst sir rotten. Lol of course not when you dont look or break out the blue broom.

But no problem convicting a guy with no witness no victim and no arresting officer of a minor offense.

Only in Pocahontas County.

1 comment:

  1. Now we have a rumor of a all points alert for the mystery pooper.
    No doubt unlike sir rotten the entire Sheriffs department will be on high alert and leave no turd unturned.
    No doubt the PA will stick it to him and the judge will have no mercey on this foul mystery pooper.
    The Sheriffs department will collect mounds of evidence unlike with sir rotten Totten and bad check and the ky felon all of which no evidence could be found or was denied to exist and or defended by their superiors.
    After all the PSO has the poop on the foul felon. Evidence that cannot be denied as many residents have stumbled and slipped on the evidence.

    Austin Powerless international Man of Mystery.


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