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Friday, July 22, 2016

Maybe We Should Let Kindergarten kids be magistrates and lawyers.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Judicial Waterboarding in Pocahontas County--The V...": 

Really why did you plead guilty.

I think its plain you should of had your case dismissed. 

But you pleaded guilty.

Your lawyer should work with the pa and the sheriffs office and get you a kindergarten kid to represent you in my opinion.

Really Luther we are all responsible for our seelf.

When she said to plead guilty with the plaintiff and the arresting officer not there the shes not qualified to walk a dog warning light and alarm should of gone off.

You pleaded guilty to a crime with no witness no victim no evidence but a statement and you as a witness against yourself.

Next to living on the streets sleeping on park benches and people's couches do you think there may have been some bad decisions along the way to get you there.

I don't think anybody but you made those decisions.

Its like the guy complaining he got pulled over for driving at night in the rain with no windshield wipers and doing 85 in a 35 mile an hour Zone.

I really hope you get your life together. 

Do not ever expect a Pocahontas County police officer to look out for what's right legal or good for you.  

History has demonstrated time and time again that is highly unlikely except for a couple of the local boys you still have a heart.

Carrie should know when you handle the paperwork of legal documents her name never should have been x'ed out on a legal document or white out used in my opinion.

When's the last time you ever saw a lawyer do that on a legal document.

NEVER.  And if they did they had a long history drug and alcohol abuse

And that's before they finish Law School.

All of this is par for backwoods Woods small-town hick legal systems and law enforcement who have limited experience and training and lack of supervision.

Sometimes it a rare cases of use of power for vengeance or punishment which is not the case here in my opinion.

The Road Runner...

Editor's Note:  I, too, am appalled at how stupid this public defender proved herself to be.  I can't believe that she graduated from law school.  Likewise,  Carrie Wilfong should have known better than to accept a plea bargain after Luther was incarcerated for 35 days and subjected to repeated "hearings"

Then to add insult to injury,  Carrie commits a felony by altering a legal document to cover up her mistakes.  WE HAVE THE PROOF OF SUCH ALTERATION AND IT IS IN THE RECORD.  Carrie has displayed extremely bizarre judgment in this whole matter.  What is so important about jailing Luther Pritt that she has risked the possibility of going to prison for trying to cover up her own mistake.

Remember,  Richard Nixon.  It was only  a third rate burglary  but the subsequent coverup cost him his presidency.  Luther has agreed to file a complaint against Carrie!  Don't turn that channel' stay tuned.  I told Carrie that she was going to get burned on this one.


  1. so instead of crying file a judicial complaint with the supreme court of w.v. enough of them and she will go packing and who knows maybe tvrj will be in the cards for her honor

  2. Kind of difficult to complain when you hang yourself with your own words, i.e., a guilty plea. The complaint will go NOWHERE under such circumstances; the reviewing courts call it the "guilty party rule." That is, even if a mistake was made, it was harmless because the person is guilty, and in this case by his own admission.

  3. norman has a habit of championing the cause of the guilty when he knows what the outcome will be. just another chance to attack someone else and fill space on this sorry site!

    1. No thats not it all all.
      Norman has lived in Pocahontas County and see what goes on here.
      It's a corrupt Ridge system often just like the Democratic National Party fixing things for Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders.

      Just because luther is or is not guilty is no excuse for the system to treat him differnt or abuse him or ignore his rights.

      I have been a champion of womens rights for decades.
      And if he is a alleged woman beater he deserves what he gets for doing so.
      And he would be wise never to do so im the presence of a real man.
      Never the less there are issues with the representation he received the question will paperwork with names X out and white out on other names and the fact the officer did not look at the paperwork and make some type of decision or inquiry.
      FYI the magistrate didn't drop the charges when there was no one present as a witness or a victim is beyond me.
      Justice comes in many different colors and flavors and we've all seen Pocahontas County Justice.
      It often fails the victim and supports the systems freinds .

      The Road Runner...

    2. Norman has a habit of championing the cause of due process which applies equally to the guilty as well as the innocent. When a man is left in jail for a month after his release papers are signed, there is a serious problem in the system. When the problem is so serious, it is called "Pocahontas County justice."

    3. You mean the way the Sheriffs office the judge the special prosecutor and bp and you did with rotten totten.
      A clear example of how the Pocahontas County justice system really works.
      Commit 66 feelings because you're one of the Good Ole Boys and only get held responsible for one in your own department can't find you guilty not one shred of evidence.
      Wow he was a slick felon a true Mastermind to outsmart the Sheriff and all the deputys.
      No wonder Walton called him the best Deputy in the state maybe the entire nation.
      He just made a mistake at what he was good at.
      Wonder why they didnt know.

  4. magistrates by law are not allowed to make mistakes even harmless ones they are there only to follow the law notice the state cop who brought the charges was not at the hearing ....I guess it is alright unless it is you or your kid

  5. No arresting officer no witness and no victim in court and his lawyer has him plead

    Why cant guys like totten get representation like that.Instead of working a deal to drop 65 felonys to protect the victims.
    Protect the victims after sexual abuse and rape not before.Protect them from who.

    We need more kindergarten qualified lawyers in Pocahontas County.

    maybe go out on a limb here and get some first grade judges and magistrates maybe even third grade.
    We already have the preschool law enforcement.
    The best deputy in the state maybe the nation lol.
    Thats a statement that has a entire state full of people slapping eachother on the back and laughing like hell gasping for air.

    And jl found god lol another knee slapper.

    We couldnt find any evidence aginst sir rotten. Lol of course not when you dont look or break out the blue broom.

    But no problem convicting a guy with no witness no victim and no arresting officer of a minor offense.

    Only in Pocahontas County.

  6. Norman, Do you know why the cops keep running Luther out of the parks in town? This seems to be harassment to me. Also I heard from a friend from the Town Hall, That people are complaining about him and others who hang out there. Some are saying they fear taking their young girls to the park. This is wrong people need to stop putting Luther down! He is a good man. Please Norman help will beat this county.


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