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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

--Sound familiar!!! He was Just Trying to Raise Money for Food.

James H Martin 4th Avenue Marlinton.

Now in Staunton Nursing Home. 

The town bullied and harassed this old man.

Like, Farrel he too was accused of 



  1. This just breaks my heart.

  2. In my opinion he was an asset to the Town, hauled away countless tons of junk...kept what looked like it might be useful to someone. I bought lots of bolts, valves, old tools, fence posts, pipes, etc., from him. I miss seeing him and his old overloaded truck. God look after him and make easy his journey to a better place.

  3. Sadly when you get old and unable to care for yourself and pay your bills your property will be sold off if you can not pay.
    I am curious about the littering ticket.

    The Road Runner...

  4. there really is no crime to speak of in the county which is down to about 7.400 people so how do you keep the cops and the court house gainfully occupied well the only way is to keep the courts full with nonsense so you run out and pick all the low hanging fruit ....what`s left after all what can you do to keep wilfong and Kelly busy how can they justify those jobs ????the two bimbo`s ... besides giving out 200 dollar speeding tickets to skiers for doing 45 in a 40 mph zone and insuring that they will never spend another minute or dollar in Pocahontas county what the hell else is there?///

    1. I will have to agree the income from skier speeding pays a lot of bills and we have to keep Andy and Barney and Goober busy.

      The Road Runner...


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