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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Man, this is a hot post!!!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Magistrate Didn't Bother to Read the Complaint Bef...": 

Blame also fully rests on the Prosecuting Attorneys Office, and Simmons and McMillion. They could have at anytime dismissed the charges. Under WV code their primary duty is INVESTIGATORS. 

They are to investigate IF a Charge has merit to proceed. It is quite clear that all 3 of these are total BS. Just like many other abusive, fraudulent, and illegal retaliatory arrests made by local LEOS, in which the legally culpable PA's office went gung ho to fraudulently prosecute.

There is much corruption in Pocahontas County, with many people getting paid by the County and State with much to hide.

IF they continue on with these illegal farces of justice, it is imperative that filings be made to have the Pocahontas County Prosecutors Office recused, and a Special Prosecutor assigned to ALL matters dealing with Mr. Kelley. 

It must also be cited in this motion for their recusal that any Special Prosecutor assigned must be from outside this Judicial District, as they are all to closely woven into the same schemes to be impartial and protect their own.

The FBI needs to be contacted. 

This is all public services fraud, corruption, abuse of office, obstruction of justice, and felony witness intimidation through out. He is a protected class of citizen and they are intentionally abusing his civil and human rights. 

This is a Federal matter, and a matter that effects all citizens of this deeply corrupt county. 

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  1. lmao,you have been rick rolled.look it up.


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