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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Proof That Trump Was Right About the Wire tapping.


  1. lol! if it ain't comin' from no where it ain't goin' no where!!!

  2. Allegations are cheap, free and easy to make. Allegations without proof are lies. Frequently repeated lies are damn lies. Frequently repeated damn lies are Trump. If he has any proof of wiretapping, why has he continually refused to give it to the FBI or the Intelligence Committee?

  3. Odd those calling it lies must of missed the nsa saying it was true.

    They announced this on national news.
    Odd how liberal news coverage really didnt cover it .

    I wonder if this is because it makes them look like fools just like those denying it here who are talking out of the wrong hole and just passing hot gas instead of facts and the truth.

    You know the national security agency.
    The discussed the fact that it did happen and talked about illegal unmasking.
    Its now also thought the Democrats released certain information and told lies to make it look like there was collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign.
    All of this is a felony.

    I just wonder who would of wanted that kind of info leaked as there are only about 20 people in the goverment at the time that had that kind of access and power.

    The Road Runner...

    P.S. speaking of frequent Liars how many times did obama lie.And get a pass from the same gas passers commenting here.

    1. What no liberals saying omg donald was right and all the liberal news agencys were wrong and so was I.

      Interesting how it takes a hammer in the face to wake them up.
      O before any of you start flapping your wings in victory like a turkey about to be plucked in Harrisonburg the next vote on replacement of Obama care will be successful.
      The pipe line will go through tax reform will happen imigration will be enforced and jobs will be created.

      The Road Runner...

      P.S. democrats will hate it all.

    2. TrumpCare failed badly. LOL Looks to be you were very wrong on that.

    3. i hope for your sake you are one of the two corinthians being sarcastic?

  4. It makes me sick how these liberals treat Trump. At least he is a christian and loves his country. Unlike that muslim who was not even an american. Trump nailed obama on that fact. What is worse thre are so many Trump haters right here in Marlinton. Just the other day i seen a 3 cars with hillary stickers.

    1. the above post was not in response to arbowail it's for 3/25.


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