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Friday, March 17, 2017

BFD Laid Down $190,000 cash for this Property


  1. it sounds like if you pay your fire fee to one fire company it covers you for the other company so next year and following years I will be donating to cass v.f.d. ...I was under the impression that my money would be spent on fighting fires and not to watch them burn ....certainly not for b.f.d. to buy real estate for god knows what reason ....the other distressing thing is that one more piece of property is now off the tax roles for ever plus no jobs have been created in a county that needs jobs more than fire stations ...people just do not get it we need jobs if we want to keep our kids here ....drugs what do we think young kids are going to do if there is no lively hood at a living wage for them???? .... it is time that both cass and b.f.d. are merged as one company with a new fire chief to run that unified company is time to give our heart felt thanks to varner and rebinski and then move them out....and not dennis egan as the new leader ...both men should get a bucket of water and stick their hand in up to the wrist and quickly pull it out what did they leave behind????that should be the lesson for all volunteers in the community

  2. I don't know. People might start lining up to move to Pocahontas County and fight fires for free.

    1. didn`t you learn yet nothing is free in Pocahontas county

    2. how much did you have to pay BFD when they put out the fire in your upstairs?

    3. good one dennis


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