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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sexual Harassment


  1. thank you Jesus ....3/22/17 sounds like it is going to be a great day the truth will come out with justice ,,,,what I wonder is what is this poor excuse for a deputy is still on active duty and why ain`t he been fired now that the loser chief run a muck is history ?????please sheriff barlow give us a department we can be proud of again much damage has been done these past eight years what with perverts and liars carrying those badges

  2. by the way I missed the former sheriff of our county on that list of witnesses chief run a muck ....well this will be a test of what kind of judge this new judge dent is going to be she just going to follow in the foot steps of pompanio and rowe or is she going to make a change and send out the message that the old days and the old ways are finished .... we need to have respect for all functions and officials that work for our county and this can begin by hanging sam hummel up to dry for being another pervert and a frame of mind that has permeated court house for way to long

  3. It seems the poke a hoe sheriffs office is yet again embroiled in yet another case of sexual perversion and molestation.
    Well not near as bad as what happened with rotten totten it shows how lax our sheriffs leadership has been.

    The Road Runner...

  4. Must have missed this important news item in the local rag. LOL!

  5. This is old news about the old maid she drop charges once then a x boss told her that the county will pay without going to court. Only trouble is tapes show here siting down on a cops lap runing her hand thur his hair and now she is geting to old even her boy toy is turning on her but she need all the money she can get costing a lot for hair dye and all that make up she has to use.


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