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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Free School for Marlinton

To be honest,  I had never heard of the Sandy Act until about 3:00 A.M today.   It seems that our neighbor school system may have found a way to have a free school built for them from FEMA funds. 

From Nicholas County we read:

Dr. Burge-Tetrick hopes to utilize the Sandy Recovery Act to consolidate the projects into the new consolidated FEMA project. A new application to FEMA must be made if the Board votes to consolidate. It's not clear if FEMA will agree to pay for schools where non-flooded students would be attending. 

With the defeat of the levy, it is clear that the people of our county are not in a mood to float a levy.  The state offered 17 million to help our but then the state has a lot of other schools who need help.  It is doubtful that they could have come up with that much money.

Now it appears that there may be a way to build a brand new Marlinton Elem. school out of the floodplain AND FOR FREE.  No one doubts that it would be better for our current school building to be out of the floodplain but the majority don't want to pay to move it.

So why not get FEMA to foot the bill.  They likely will have to rebuild the school in the event of the next 500 year flood which occurs about every 100 years.  So why not be proactive and build the school up on the Middle School campus.  There is plenty of land for the project.  The buildings could remain separate to meet FEMA's tastes and we could keep two of the best principals the county has.

Sandy Recovery Improvement Act of 2013

On January 29, 2013, President Barack Obama signed into law the Sandy Recovery Improvement Act (SRIA) of 2013 and the accompanying Disaster Relief Appropriations Act, 2013.  In many ways, the passage of SRIA represents the most significant legislative change to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) substantive authorities since the enactment of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act.
The law authorizes several significant changes to the way FEMA may deliver federal disaster assistance to survivors.This page provides an overview of the provisions of the Sandy Recovery Improvement Act (SRIA) of 2013 as well as the status of FEMA's implementation.

Here's an idea we can all get behind!!!!


  1. with the announcement of nearly a half million dollar short fall in funding a levy or for that matter a new school or plural new schools being built is a moot point and totally out of the question .... I still have not heard a concrete plan based on reality for instance that our enrollment is most likely down to about 800 pupils and getting smaller .... it might be time to start cutting the bloated staffing and the over priced administration costs .... without the forest service monies and other sources that we have depended on these many years it might be time for some new ways of thinking about our problems .....for instance alice irvines job was filled by two new hires plus benefits is that an economic lesson in belt tightening ????maybe this new era can not be over seen by the same old faces such as emory grimes as head of the school board ....we just can not keep doing business in the same old ways by the same old faces ....perhaps our new normal just can`t be solved anymore at closed door masonic lodge and eastern star monthly meetings .... just saying

  2. hey talking about closed door meetings I understand that there is a meeting scheduled on 1-19-17 at the greenbank science center to hear all about the stand down orders that our buster from BFD has been giving out recently .... now I bet that this meeting is the dream child of dennis egan and this meeting will be set up to shout down any poor luckless soul who dares question the authority of chief varner question is why isn`t this meeting being held at the durbin fire house instead of the science center ???? 10 bucks bet you there will be no questions taken from the floor just like the Jacob meck sell meetings when meck wanted more free county land for his business in greenbank ....I bet all the troops from the chamber of commerce and the lions club will be there because that's how all decent is handled in Pocahontas county ....after all we the people are always perceived as being way to stupid to ever questioned how things are handled or the status quo ...shouldn`t a member of the county commission like the guy who represents that northern end of the county be there ....will it be brought up that it is time for chief varner to resign ?????

    1. Can you not read troll...

      There will be an open meeting on Thursday, January 19, 2017, in the Observatory Science Center auditorium at 7:00 p.m. to address any questions that members of the community have about fire protection in the upper end of Pocahontas County. The Assistant Fire Marshal will be there along with a County Commissioner and officers of the BFD and Cass fire departments. It is a good opportunity to clear up any confusion about this fire or any other issue concerning fire or ambulance response in this end of the county.

    2. read what dennis


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