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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Breaking News

Just got word that the officer who gave Farrel a traffic ticket for peeing in the alley may be willing to withdraw his charges.

  Such a withdrawal requires consent of both parties;  Farrel is refusing to let the charges be dismissed.  He wants his day in court!  He doesn't think that its against the law to pee in an alley.  His county paid attorney is supporting him in this decision to stand up to the system.

So bill continues to mount.  County paid lawyer, state paid police officer, psych tests out the wahoo.  Farrel has completed two days of testing with more expected in a couple of weeks.  He may have exhausted his shrink.  Total bill for the whole deal may reach $4,000 dollars!

Don't fret; it's just money!!!!!


  1. His Court ordered attorney should file on her own to get both County magistrates recused. It is in the best interest of Justice. This must be heard in another unbiased jurisdiction. One not involved in all the BS signing of illegal unwarranted warrants, or not signing thing that held a man who did against the law and his civil rights before, and who have very shady histories running fraudulent court rooms, and intimately connected to others officials, that this matter really to do all justice, including this county, it's citizens, and the State of WV that they be forced to be recused and removed from this matter. Because it serves this county and these Magistrates to find him guilty as then it can try to wash away some of their crimes through that fraud. They have motivation to convict him. Only then will this be a true day in court for him. People must contact WV ACLU on this. His civil rights have been violated many documented times. It will continue to happen to others unless the corrupt county gov is held accountable.

  2. norman tell him to take the damn deal and then get him down to Beckley and get him into a homeless shelter ....stop encouraging him peeing in alleys is against the law besides it is gross and unhealthy even in a dump like marlinton..... this guy needs some mental health treatment and a support group is clear that he did not learn anything by those 33 monthS at TVJR ,,,,refer to that picture of him in that carhart coat with no sleeve only crazy people go around dressed like that in a Pocahontas county winter .... he needs to see just how bizarre he is and he needs help plain and simple.... he must realize that he is low hanging fruit that pricks of misery like magistrate Kelly and the state police love to pick when they need to feel good about themselves


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