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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Public Accommodations from the Mini Park Are Gone.

The mini park no longer has a public facility for those in need of quick relief.  Formerly it had spacious, clean facilities for all those persons who needed to relieve themselves.

But no more!

The town park has lost a valuable facility--it's own water closet. The porta potty that served all the public without discrimination has been moved to parts unknown.  

This was a 24/7 edifice that provided public accommodations for folks living under the bridge or sleeping on a park bench.

There have been complaints about someone using the streets as an alternative to an outhouse.  One person is facing jail time over taking a whiz in the alley.  It seems that this move is unlikely to alleviate this problem.  The oval office is gone.


  1. do you not have any common sense ? the portajohn is not heated. you can still piss on the records room floor at the court house norman!

  2. Perhaps the good Sheriff talked to the town and demanded a throne he can take home with him to bring back memories of his days as the not so good Sheriff of the local pokey hokey Forest.

    Austin powerless international Man of Mystery and sous chef extraordinaire.

  3. Perhaps there was a budget short fall due to our illustrious Rotten Tottons deeds and the superior management skills of our Sheriffs dept.
    Insurance costs to protect our leaders from the acts of chester the molester types often cause cutbacks in services.

    The mystery pisser


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