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Friday, December 16, 2016

Case Dismissed

Since David Jonese went into office there are been a constant barrage of attacks on bloggers and free speech in Pocahontas. Jonese's favorite tactic was to make a raid at night thus ensuring that the target would spend at least a night in jai. All three people have now had their chages dismissed.
The latest is Steve McNally who had been charged with animal cruelty, had his home raided at night, had his dog tax tags seized, was laughed at by the magistrate when he went to be arraigned and told that she didn't have time to arraign him. Steve filed a complaint on her and she has been admonished by the Judicial Commission.
The other person was taken to jail on an election issue. He was released the next morning His case too has been dismissed.
The third person was Norman Alderman who was arrested at midnight, hauled off to jail, and had his computers seized in 2010. Why? Because he questioned whether a CC actually lived in his district. Those charges have been dismissed.

The only person remaining is Ferrel Kelly who is chief correspondent for the Pocahontas Commentator. He has been given a traffic ticket for taking a whiz in the street. Ferrel is our eyes and ears for the Town of Marlinton. His trial comes up in January.

He currently is aiding his public defender to make a living at $200 per hour or so. Ferrel has called for a jury trial. He recently ran up a bill on the county for $43,800 dollars.

He ran through 3 attorneys when his charges were dismissed. The trooper apparently wants the county to spend another $43,000 to house Ferrel at TVRJ. Ferrel does need accommodations for the winter but not at $48 per night. It probably would be cheaper to rent him a room. He actually could rent an apartment for $400 per month and save the county $1,000 per month in regional jail.


  1. Dont forget all the cases aginst our local informants ci snitchs rats doper who miraculously had charges dismissed.
    For differnt reasons other than not being guilty.

  2. for instance little kim aka Kimberly cassell just got her charges dropped she is the significant other of the head snitch Kenny peck ...this dynamic duo was cooking crack in the Hannah run trailer park in downtown arbovale you know how that works chief run a muck cleaning up loose ends before he gets kicked out on his bald headed ass ....see ya chief wouldn`t wanna be ya

    1. Down town Arbovale that's funny.
      Its not even a good place to stop and take a leak.

  3. Jonese is very insecure and that is a bad quality for someone in a leadership position.

    1. you left out bald face liar besides bald headed dick head

  4. Maybe little kim can tell us why the charges got dismissed.

    Bad paper work mistaken identity the dope was not real dope or special deal with the Sheriff.

    Ill try to keep a stright face as she tells us.

  5. Speaking of money whats the total cost of rottens escapades.

  6. Try 200 a day for PDs Norman! 😂


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