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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Of Leaves and Law

Of the making or laws, there is no end!  One law made today will be voided in another.  A law made to day regarding piles of leaves only can be made to cover sand boxes the next.  You see, it is all about control.  Building codes can be very, very draconian.  They are as flexible as jello!

Beware exemptions.  Lawmakers should make no law that does not apply equally to themselves. This was the fault of Obamacare.  The Town of Marlinton is just as negligent as any property owner, maybe moreso.

In the Pocahontas Times, the town council is taking yet another step to turn all of its citizens into snitches.  Neighbor against neighbor.  Friend against friend.  If you don't like your neighbor, turn him/her into the town official and they will send a storm trooper out to hassle your neighbor.

One person observed that this ordinance hasn't been published in the paper, yet it is being constantly revised.  Already we are hearing of commercial business running for the mountains to get away with the same law that they wish to impose on other people.

I have gone over town and demonstrated with pics that buildings have been allowed to be built which are no up to code.  Even the Town building itself would not pass inspection.

But what is really getting people is when the town proposes to send an inspector in their bathrooms and bedrooms.  THIS IS A BRIDGE TOO FAR.

At this point we are hearing that the law will only apply to "rentals".  As one person in the know said,  It only takes a change in one word to make it apply to everyone.  Rentals are low hanging fruit on the tree of liberty.  Sgt York the WWI hero/sniper said that he hunted Germans the same way he hunted turkeys in Tenn.  He would pick off the last one in a column and soon he would be up to the leader.

That is what is happening here in Marlinton.  The council figures that rentals are least likely to  to object government intrusion upon their privacy.  (I personally doubt this assumption.) But they will be the first to experience the pain when the landlord complies with code and ups their rent to pay for the improvement.  THEY WILL HAVE NO RECOURSE AT ALL.

So let's look at this ordinance in depth from this week's Times

I am highlighting the most glaring problems below without further comment.

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