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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Old Fashioned Muckraking

From an informant regarding local corruption:

well, norman, your site has been awfully slow when it comes to good old fashioned muckraking

so, i offer you these facts which i learned about 6 months ago:

it concerns rotten totten; long after he was sentenced and enjoying his solitary prison cell, he contacted diamond dave the chief deputy--what his motives were are not clear since he was in no bargaining position; i believe his motive was something to the effect that since i went down others should go down with me

according to totten, a member of the state police (this goes back 3/4 years) was working with a former deputy doing drug buys with a confidential informant; after a couple recorded buys were made, the trooper and deputy wanted to make the case against the 3 different sellers even stronger; so what they did was give the informant a lot of drugs from the state police evidence locker to plant in the sellers' houses when they went in for buys; and that's what happened, and then they got search warrants and of course found the planted drugs

now, to be clear, these sellers were certainly guilty of selling a pill or two, but they were made out much worse will all the extra drugs that were found
one of the three sellers pleaded guilty
the other two went to trial because the actual recordings of the drug buys were lost or inaudible--in both trials, the key evidence was the planted drugs found at the two sellers' houses, so the jury found them guilty--but for the presence of the planted drugs, the two defendants would have likely walked

totten knew of this when it happened because he was caught up in his own criminal activities at the time the drug planting was going on so he just looked the other way;  i believe his information to be true since he supplied it long after it could have done him any good in plea bargaining and/or sentencing

to diamond dave's credit, he did pass the information on to now former us attorney booth goodwin but they did nothing to verify it

i wish i could supply the names of those defendants, they were told to me at the time but i have since forgotten them; i'm sure a quick check of criminal jury drug trials in the past 3-4 years (since they weren't many in pocahontas) would reveal the names

totten spilled a lot of beans prior to his sentencing and those beans turned out true; these latter beans are also likely true


  1. nice pic of Totten I dont know about the rest of it but SOOO LOVING THAT PICTURE! OH it does my heart GOOD!

  2. Yes those bags under his eyes, that 1000 yard stare.
    That what the hell happened look on his face.
    The only way it could get better would be him doing 40 years and being in general population.
    What a bastard he is.

    The Road Runner...

    1. All of his buddys cant understand why so many cant let go of the rotten issue.

  3. Sounds like typical hokey pokey police work and ethics.

    What are the chances wrong will be set right. Slim to none.
    Thanks Sheriff Jonese.

  4. attention dreama when you transfer your undying love and loyalty from chief run a muck to the new sheriff on 1-1-17 and you do not get shit canned yourself because barlow needs a blog monitor well in any case remind him that it is past time to get rid of diamond dave he has done enough damage oh yeah and throw troy in just for good measure ....

  5. this story almost makes me feel sorry for totten but then it just dawned on me that in less then three years brad will be out and among us of course as a registered sex offender but still out here wonder what kind of job he is going to get will his wife be waiting for him or did she get smart and move on ....hey norman you should have a count down to the end of the chief run a muck era (or is it error) comes to an end .....

  6. Yes I am sure a lot of people are awaiting Totten's release.

  7. Yes im sure his job prospects in Pocahontas County will be extensive.
    That bastard would be lucky to get a job shoveling s***.
    Id be afraid to stand near him for fear of a drive by or a bomb going off.

    He will be about as popular as a combined case of the clap, aids and the bubonic plague with bad case of leprosy for s**** and giggles.
    The bastard need to be far far away from Pocahontas County.
    Id like to see him deported to the middle east where he can work as a used dirt vendor.
    At least till he acts up and they start cutting off body parts.

    Of course if he wants a job in America I do hear they need test subjects to practice experimental surgeries.
    Mainly on the region of genitalia and keister area.

    He needs to be branded on his forehead a great big PC for pervert and cop.
    That would not only make a interesting story for him to recite to people it would be justice.
    Yes I am hard on him.
    He abused his power and took advantage of god only knows how many of our daughters , and now it appears he and others set up people with planted evidence.

    He should of got 30 years and been castrated and branded like I said.

    We may of only found the tip of crimes he commited in the name of the law.

    It also appears his accomplices in the sheriff's department and State Police have gone free facing no judgment for their crimes.
    And we still have those who enabled him walking free.
    And o how the court system protected him.
    They are the slime of the Earth and bastards.
    Its one thing to steal or sell drugs but when you deprive citizens of the rights freedom and sexually abused them all in the name of the law there is no justice.
    Only retribution for those who have suffered or asking god to allow them to forget and forgive.
    They may deserve to forget and forgive but he and his enablers and accomplices do not.

    1. and want you don`t think his boss chief run a muck didn`t know what was going on ??he could have turned him over to the FBI on his second day in office in 2009 ...what people do not know is that shortly after assuming office norman alderman asked to speak to chief run a muck and runny asked him what about so norman told him he wanted to share with him what he had been told about deputy totten when norman shows up at mucks office well low and behold who is in the office but totten so alderman proceeds to tell chief run a muck what he has heard totten denied the story the meeting was over and a few weeks later aldermans house gets raided at midnight the house gets searched and alderman is booked for some made up charge of cyper stalking david march fleming county commissioner and is dragged of to TVRJ ...AT EVERY JUNCTURE RUN A MUCK DEFENDED AND OBSTRUCTED JUSTICE FOR TOTTEN .....The shame is that totten didn`t get life and the poor excuse for a sheriff didn`t join him in prison what I ask is what in the hell does DAVID R. JONESE have to be so arrogant about I think he is a lower life form then bradly totten ever was???you have to ask yourself if the sheriff didn`t encourage totten to do the heinous shit he pulled ...please mr.barlow clean up the sheriffs department and make it something we can be proud of once again ...please don`t make us feel like we wasted our vote once again evil should not triumph any longer stamp out the shame

    2. His boss couldnt fix a sandwich much less the Department he screwed up.

  8. What word describes the Pocahontas County Sheriff Department the best.


  9. Whatever happened to all the deputies judges prosecutors and the aux. And the pervert best freind who claimed totten and the Kentucky Fried felon and Armageddon wete innocent.

  10. I wonder if mis sir rotten has saved herself for him./yea right\
    After all hes such a prize.

  11. Perhaps Jonese will give his star deputy a job in the Rock Quarry after he gets out.
    Maybe even let him stay in his home.
    He can supervise himn just like he did when rotten was a deputy.
    He might be the best ex con in the state maybe the nation with muck it all ups help just like when he was a deputy.

  12. I`ll tell what did not happen the deputy that had 26 years on the force and didn`t breathe a word about anything and quietly watched it all go down and the guy that chief run a muck pushed hard for after his first choice jerry dale got humiliated in the primary lost in November and of course the auxiliary got put to bed by the I R S because it was illegal and the wage taxes were not with held the judges packed it in because they knew that they could never get re-elected in the end all the bull shit that the sheriff pulled caught up to most of the people involved with his arrogant twisted`s just a pity how many innocent people have been hurt by this cruel bald headed prick and his cast of law breakers instead of law enforcement ...what a terrible eight years this has been the new year it is long past time to light a fire under the asses of the two magistrates...they are in those jobs to protect the people and to follow the law and not to walk all over people only then will things start looking up it is really really easy to file complaints with the judicial review board of the west Virginia supreme court if enough charges fall on those two bimbo`s they will be fined and removed from office ....can anyone imagine janet kurshner ever pulling the shit these two have done well I can`t

  13. The notorious actions Tottens actions and deeds live on for decades perhaps even to the next generation or two.
    Todays parents will not be overly trustful of our local police due to the sexual molestation of our children and the police setting up people as Totten allegedly ads admitted to doing along with the state police officer.

    This information will be passed down from father and mother to child and perhaps even from that child when they become a parent to their children.
    When the court obviously showed favor to rotten and the Sherifds department itself it created a environment of non Trust that will not go away for a very long time.
    And the judge and special prosecutor not allowed all the charges to be dropped things might have been different.
    But their actions made it clear that cotton was special and Beyond the full extent of the law.
    Sheriff run amok by walking out of the interview with the Donna and the school age girl clearly shows what is intentions were and opinions along with the wonderful investigation he did clearing rotten of any wrong doing.
    Then we have Diamond Dave the call caught in the best Deputy in the state maybe the county that will live on for decades.
    Then we have several members of the auxiliary to win online supporting cotton and denied his wrongdoing along with other people from doing such as a Kentucky Fried failing Armageddon and others.
    They seem to have learned a lesson and shut their mouth sense the sheriff no longer supports them and did away with their positions.

    All of this has resulted in a hostile environment for our children in a clear indication that all of us are subject two false evidence being planted in order to further the careers of certain individuals.
    Sheriff running scared could have went out in public and like a true man apologized for his handling of the situation and indicated he would make an effort to do better.
    He could have denounced the entire case was handled from start to finish including the end result.

    He took the easy way out.

    The trust has been shattered and it will be extremely difficult for the next few Sheriff to gain that back.

    I want to thank the sheriff for this along with the main deputies who helped him along with those in the CC you did nothing.

    The Road Runner...

  14. Rumor has it the big muck has plans to bust the Royal pisser before he leaves office .
    Bring a end to kellys serial pissing crimes and end his administrative duties as a hero of the forth Reich's Dominion.

    Austin Powerless international man of mystery and shagger supreme.

    1. Wonder, how much overtime Diamond Dave is spending on the Royal pisser case, without the help of the best deputy in the state maybe the whole nation at his side. Going under the covers to root out evidence.

  15. Speaking of old-fashioned muckraking, I see poor little innocent Kimberly Castle got all her charges dropped also.
    They were all innocent naturally.

  16. just imagine that if was not for the courage shown by norman alderman and donna price this creep totten would still be out among us like he was in the waffen SS ....I wonder if McCoy has processed yet just how long the sick shadow of the rapes totten committed are and how troy`s silence cost him a sweet job with a six figure salary and benefits

  17. O sir rotten we wish you a miserable Christmas yes we wish you a miserable Christmas and a nasty newyear.
    Yes you raped and molested our children, set up our citizens and falsified evidence.
    No good Tidings will be wished to you for your perverted ways.
    May the guards forget and put you in general population pon this comming newyear.
    Then good tidings we will bring to the man who welcomed you into the flock.
    Your face will look like a fruit cake
    and will have to heal.
    Big and little daves will say its so sad
    And tell each othervthey are glad they are not there to share with you.
    Yes I wish you a miserable Christmas Anna nasty New Year.

  18. Poor baby him not got but one blanket and stubby tooth brush. No rug on floor him toes get cold.
    No women to manipulate or rape.
    Him in cell all by him self no one to plant evidence on but himself.
    No freind in cell to play cards or Domino's.
    No take out pizza no pay check no shank in hims rib cage or fat little belly.
    Him got it so bad.

    The bastard is lucky and still crys about it.

  19. Newyears maybe rotten can make some pruno in his toilet to relieve his pain.


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