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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Alternative Resort Area District Proposal.

December 2, 2014Regular Session    8:30 a.m. Discussion and/or Action – 

Exoneration Orders; Approval of Minutes.   

  8:35 a.m. Public Input/Hear Callers.  

  8:45 a.m. Opening of Bids and Awarding Contract for Tea Creek Trails Recreational Trails Maintenance Project.   

 9:00 a.m. Laura Dent Al’s Upper End Club – Discussion and/or Action Concerns re: Failure to Reach 911 Center for Emergency Assistance Call During Night of October 31, 2014.   

 9:15 a.m. Discussion and/or Action – Dental/Vision Plan for Pocahontas County Employees.  

  9:30 a.m. Mike Holstine National Radio Astronomy Observatory – Discussion and/or Action Request for $5,000.00 Contribution.  

   9:45 a.m. Bill McHenry, et al. – Discussion and/or Action Proposal for Alternative Resort Area District Proposal.  Requested 45 minutes for appointment). 

  10:30 am. David Litsey – Discussion and/or Action Request for Legal Expenses for Failed Snowshoe Mountain, Holt and Tracey Allegations.


  1. Seems like every one has a hand out asking for money.
    Anyone know how much the county's insurance is going up thanks to our Sheriffs office and CC for not taking action.

  2. chief stinking windNovember 30, 2014 at 9:37 PM

    couple of things : we gave them the 5 g`s so other than some good will ,we didn`t get anything in return.......since the county does not have a public swimming pool the what ever their new name is they should open that pool to the public ....... let the county pay for a life guard ........ since they are now looking for new friends all of a sudden why not open the cafeteria to the public ....... if we are going to shell out any more money then we should get a guarantee that the place has a future ,and that we are not pissing scarce money down a rat hole ....... same old same old, mike holstine ( i.e. lions club ,chamber of commerce , greenbrier economic development corp., most likely a mason ,and a big shot ) is put in charge of putting this one over ...........and sure enough the commissioners like a trained dog just rolled right over ,no questions asked ......oh and by the way what happened to david march fleming ????? does he get paid anyway ???????never thought i would pitch a bitch about him not showing up ,but he was elected to do a job ,even if he was not re-elected ....... when you read how the national science foundation is going to cut and run ,and stand in the way of any future for the facility ,it sure don`t sound like anyone cares about keeping the place open we as a broke poor county should not throw money at the thing if indeed it is a lost cause ....... if there is a hiden agenda that we do not know about ,or a back channel plan a foot well then the county should not be a player in this .........i hope it does not come down to, the only difference between the n.r.a.o. and the titanic ,is that the titanic had a band,and on the titanic they served sanka coffee ........a real cost cutting measure should be to get rid of holstine as soon as possible,like pronto even .......hey why not have the greenbrier economic development corporation adopt them instead of building 1.5 million dollar empty industrial parks and sweet heart deals for the greenbank turd farm / junk yard ........

    1. Thank you, Chief!! If the county is going to throw money in this pit, we should have access to the pool, the picnic areas, the cafeteria. Couldn't have said this better myself, Chief.

  3. Nice to see Mike beg fear not they do not want the local on the property but they will our money.

  4. The Observatory did not want much to do with the locals , even with them being funded by public money they tried to keep it all a private party.
    Now they want to be friends and want our tax dollars.
    The unemployment line sucks .

  5. all that land and all they do is brush hog it ........i am sure they could get 5 grand in rent from farmers to fertilize it and start cutting hay ......... culture shock is after all these years of looking down their long noises at us ,and now they need us ......what about the $ 6.00 they charge to take the tour ,what happens to that ?????? has anyone read what they have planed for sugar grove navy base ?????? a prison .......that`s what will be coming to greenbank ....... a nice big private run jail with top wages of 9 bucks an hour ........ i am sure that normans new best friend,senator elect shelly moore capito will be looking out for the n.r.a.o.and pocahontas county ....... hell she can even name the new lock up after herself ,and her husband .......just like when old robert c. did every time he used his clout to bring some new bauble home to west virginia .......i have a great idea ,partner with jacob meck and put the worlds largest open pit turd farm in with all that land jacob could put an oceans worth of snowshoe dodoo ......chief run a muck can run security ,after his term runs out,cuz if anybody knows shit it is our runny muck........heck he can even get humping buffalo a consultants job......... think of it ,we could bring in shit from all over ,call it the arch moore turd farm slash junk yard ......birth place of rivers what with our elevation and all and shit always runs down hill it would be a perfect fit ....... no way in hell that they are going to come up with 10 million a year,every year, to keep that place running ....and just think ,we will not have david march fleming to guide us through these perilous times ..............

  6. Yes that group sure knows poop when they see it.
    Great suggestion arbondale.
    And I trust Dave with a massive turd farm.
    Humping buffalo as a consultant wold be fine, not sure if she is versed in turds or no but hey. She can go to trade school.
    And all the former aux cold keep it safe from turd burglars. Or they can get hired on as stirring pros as certain ones appear to be experts.
    We can be the turd capitol of the world.
    Of course the pay will not be the same but they can Give employees discounts on organic fertilizer.

  7. The National science foundation who operate the observatory are coming under fire for spending 25,000 on a party 1000.00 a month for premium coffce service and spending 112.000.00 on lobbying.
    No wonder they need 5g from the poor people's around here to keep them in coffee. For the next 5 month's.
    This is one pig that has expensive tastes and expects others to pay for it.
    We all know how they have been in regard to locals who do not work there our money has funded them way to long.
    They have 66 such facilities they operate.
    Think about the waste.
    The. Road. Runner.....


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