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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Fine Art of Pig Painting

Editor's Note:  Recently, the County Commission conducted hearings to consider the formation of a quasi-political subdivision which would allow certain property owners the opportunity to create a type of "sales" tax--piggy back sales tax.  The decision stalled when two of the county commissioners,  Bill Beard and Jamie Walker got cold feet and refused to ok the process.  

It turned out that these two commissioners successfully dodged a bullet which would have lowered property values of the county's most valuable tax assets, Snowshoe properties.  Very little of this came out in the vigorous discussion that followed.  It was only when bankers realized that the millions of dollars they had invested in Snowshoe loans might be placed in a secondary status to future loans made by Donald Trump and company.  This scared the bankers!!!  And rightly so!!!

It was only when these two commissioners' decided to hold on the decision.  Today we discovered that a competing set of interests had in mind the notion to revive the stillborn RAD (Resort Area District) by modifying the law itself and getting the CC to take another run at the decision.

The modification involves a possible expansion of the RAD to include other communities in Pocahontas County such as Greenbank, Cass, and Hillsboro.  This would mean that a sales tax might be implemented throughout the county.  This could be a "piggy back" sales tax of 2% to 5%  on good's and services in Marlinton, Hillsboro, and other communities.

This comes at a terrible time when the people of this county just rejected a levy which would have raised their taxes.  The RAD is a type of tax and as such would mean that there could be a substantial tax increase on Pocahontas County property owners.  The modification does call for a ballot initiative but it is unclear as to who would be on this new RAD board.  Would it be Snowshoe?

Would you like to pay a new tax to paint this pig????


  1. They need more money to pay for deputies and the insurance pay outs for all the sex acts and to give away money to fund the not really needed observatory that is begging for money.
    And to pay honest gene and his buddies. And those who went after Donna for her helping the fbi. Also someone's got to help the shoe with thier poop issue.

  2. What about the other person on the CC where do they stand !!!!!!
    The Road Runner....

  3. It would be good for the people to know who is pushing this .

    The Road Runner....

  4. Hang a hand rolled cigarette out of the corner of its mouth, and that pig would look just like Olive alderman

    1. looks like a certain lawyers wife to me.


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