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Wednesday, December 3, 2014



  1. It sounds like the tax will.go toward snow and turd removal for the shoe at the expense of the locals.
    Maybe I'm wrong but I would guess the lions share would.

    The Road Runner....

  2. while you are watching the video start looking at the sheriff, watch his right leg .......i am sure he is going tapping his leg up and down,and does not realize he is doing it.......well any first year general pysch class lecture on body language would tell you that people who do this are usually sexually frustrated .........this in addition to his general demeanor crossing his arms ,glaring looks , and that glare from his head ........ certainly not the way to act in a public forum ,especially after he was in command of a serial rapist.who committed 66 rapes ,(wanna hear a joke ? he says he didn`t know a thing about it ..... yeah right !! ) ...... wish someone would tell him to resign ........ how much more in damages will be paid out because this guy was asleep at the switch,(or at least that `s his story on why he didn`t know what totten was up to ) ........ really, for how bad this guy screwed up ,he should sit at those meetings with a big black lace cover over his head ,so as to hide the shame that he should be showing after the hurtful and damaging debacle that his department caused the people of our county,plus it would cut down on the head glare ....... only two more years ....... maybe chief k.f.c. over in richwood will hire him when he hits the sidewalk when his term is over ......


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