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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The X-Files The Plea

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  1. below are a few interesting nuggets i pulled out of the 'testimony file'.

    page 2
    1999, trooper dave mcmillian is present while totten engages in a misadventure with victim for sex in a cemetary.
    (all law enforcement, on duty or off, is required to stop crime when they see it. at a minimum, they are required to report it.)
    (document refers to 'then trooper D.M.'- does this mean he is no longer a trooper? guess it doesnt matter- he could still be charged)

    page 4/5
    everett tinney catches totten in the act. was this ever reported?
    (i dont know tinney- im guessing he is a deputy??)

    page 6
    apparently totten was married twice.
    last line indicates a sexual relationship over 20 years that spanned both of totten's marriages.
    (wonder what either wife has to say about totten?) (how many kids does he claim to have?)

    page 8
    victim reports totten to 'deputy bob alkire'. (not sure if this is the sheriff or deputy- says deputy, but ive never heard robbie alkire EVER referred to as 'bob alkire'. either way, if it was robbie- u know he told his dad, sheriff alkire.
    report states that after complaint was made to alkire, totten never bothered her again (i.e. this pretty much states that totten was "talked to" by either robbie or sheriff alkire).

    page 10
    girls removed from jail cells by totten in the presence of deputy rob alkire and taken to another area for sex

    page 11
    neice of the prosecuting attorney, david harrington, was a victim of totten.
    (how in the hell was this never reported???)

    page 11
    totten videotapes sex with j.l.r. (im guessing this is jessica roberts- it says she is an adult with a youthful appearance).
    (evidence logs show his iphone was taken into evidence)


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