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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


heard this morning on WVMR that the Mayor stated the clean up of the properties lost is the responsibility of the property owners and their insurance companies. GO Marlinton! Thanks town of Marlinton for your continued support! I can't begin to understand this town's problems with leadership and wait, it's the lack of caring to do anything about it I can't fathom. I hope you take this opportunity to clean up and replace some of your wonderful sewer/water system that is clearly inadequate. My anger aside, I do want to continue to thank my customers, neighbors, firefighters business peers and everyone who has been supportive and helpful. I am very grateful to them. Many mahalos and much aloha to the good ones! You rock. Kristy
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  • Felicia N Josh Smith Kristy let me know if you need help with anything!!!
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  • Theresa Svoboda That's very sad. You'd think small town America, with all its charm could elect someone who maintains those values. I'm afraid not, where politics are in play. Sorry bout the Bean, happy you are surrounded by beautiful people that are rolling up their sleeves. Don't re-elect the mayor
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  • Agust G. Gudmundsson Kristy. Please know that BJ and all of us will do anything we can to help.

    From what I heard yesterday it is by the terms of insurance policies that the town cannot even touch a brick unless it landed on town property. It is not the town – it is the insurance companies who dictate who can go in. I also heard an insurance rep say that you should not let your ins co push you around. He said that somewhere in the policy is not just compensation for your loss but their guarantee to pay for the clean up and removal of the remains of the building. And it is because of that that they control who can go in, clean up or tear down.
  • Agust G. Gudmundsson I think the mayor is doing everything he can to stay involved in the help. I was with him yesterday and saw his jaw drop when the Nationwide adjuster told him: “You can’t touch anything.” 

    As far as the town council.. Well, if had the money I woul
    d offer to buy a couple of one-way tickets to So FL with a note attached that said: Don’t bother to write. That's just me.

    Mau Loa, friend.
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  • Darren Jackson Kristy, I am so sorry for your loss and the loss of your business to Marlinton for however long it takes to rebuild or recover form this.
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  • Dirtbean Ohana thanks all for the info. My insurance adjuster did not mention that the town could not be involved. I believe the town can be involved if it is deemed a hazard to others? I think there are plenty of bricks in the street which is state and town property? My insurance policy won't near cover the clean up costs especially with the potentially hazardous materials that were in the other buildings. I am fairly certain mine was clear of asbestos etc but there may have been hazardous stuff in the others which is going to drive up the costs of the clean up. I hope the insurance companies can work with the town and state to get the mess cleaned up which was of no fault of mine or the McK building owner.
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  1. Norman,is there any other towns with soooo many devastating fires? Remember Marlinton High? We had to go outside and watch the wrecking equipment tear the bricks down...Fires like all of them are just not normal.Is it? ....Very much like you thoughts and knowledge, please


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