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Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Smoking Gun


  1. it is time to launch a petition of recall for wilfong and Kelly lets let the Summerville assistant prosecutor run everything like he is doing instead of who we elected to do the job in the first place

  2. more proof that gene simmons is not doing the job we elected him to do to damn old and to befuddled for the job

  3. Didn't know where to post this. Please share if you can.
    I see so many saying there is no jobs looking for people. The Marlinton Motor Inn is looking for cooks, wait staff and bartenders.
    Your chance to get off welfare and get a job.

  4. There is enough evidence of many cases of the Pocahontas County Prosecuting Attorneys office being forced to recuse themselves from some cases for obstruction of justice, public services fraud, conflict of interest, conspiracy to and have others working with them in the Sheriffs Department and the WV State Police cover up evidence of crimes, not investigate reported crimes, not protect States victims and witnesses, not uphold the laws and codes of West Virginia, and are in many areas in full violation of WV and Federal Codes (ie. protecting the criminals). Also many recusals for Wilfong and Broce-Kelly in cases, and other cases where Broce-Kelly should have been recused but she refused to do so where she is very guilty of many violations and crimes, as well as conspiracy with Pocahontas County Council, the PAs office in not going after dangerous violent criminals. There can be some form of petition demanding the US Attorneys Northern District and FBI investigate, and in the interim remove all these people and have some emergency elections. There is also alot of money involved from Federal Funds, then WV distributions for stopping the cycle of drugs and poverty, drug court, money for jails, and fraud of home detention (when they have clear evidence people on home detention are working with criminals and committing crimes). The State of West Virginia receives fraudulently $ millions of dollars in Federal Funds for various programs from various different Federal Agencies, Such as DHS, DOJ, and OVC etc.. the requirements for those funds and what they are to be used for are not being used in those mandated terms. In fact the State of WV, and Pocahontas Couunty are in violation of WV Code, and Federal Codes and Acts. Contacting those agencies or reviewing disbursement databases online will show you the many $millions from all sorts of programs that are supposed to go to many services and protections in Pocahontas County, and all of WV. But they are not doing so and are non complaint. So where does all this money go? As well look up WV code for what a PA and the PAs office SHALL as in MUST do. You will find they do not do this. The Magistrates Court in Pocahontas County in it's entirety is in violation of process, procedures, and rules as set forth by the WV Supreme Court. The Pocahontas County Magistrate courts are a nullity and are not valid legally compliant courts. The Prosecuting Attorneys violate the rights, and protections and due process rights of parties in cases. All courts, hearings, pretrail are all to be fully transparent and open to the public. With victims and defendants having the right to attend all proceedings and hear the testimony of their accusers. Parties have the right to have observers present as witnesses to the proceedings, as well as media. But these things do not happen. There is broad based illegality, fraud, abuse of office, public services fraud, violation of rights, obstruction of justice being done in Pocahontas County regularly and continually by those on the public payroll. They need to be removed, charged, fined, and NO benefits, and NO pensions, and their finances looked into.


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