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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Leaked Copy of the Marlinton Personnel Handbook


  1. Heres one that might intrest you Norman.
    A Russian billionaire has laid out 100 million out of his own pocket to hunt for Aliens,and the Green bank observatory has his team there.
    Yes they are working for the Russians looking for Aliens.

    Perhaps next week the Observatory will send out teams looking for bigfoot if Jack links is willing to put up the cash.
    Im sure there will be no shortage of Observatory staff and freinds who will clain they have seen both little green men and big foot.

    1. Yes they are using the 300 foot dish for the hunt for aliens.
      This can be confirmed on google.

      Rumor has it bear traps are being baited with jerkey in the hunt for big foot.

  2. Hey i think i saw big feet getting on a illegal alien saucer at the air strip in greenbank with elvis last night they were headed to durbin there was a big fat guy with red hair driving that there saucer they all looked purty shady to me

  3. I think i saw big feet at that there store that was owned by that guy who talked like elmer fudd buying jerkey he had a bag of bbq flavors and was dressed up like one of them game wardens only with longer hair he didnt talk much he got in a funny looking truck with a guy with big eyes and flew away like a birdie it were scarey to watch

  4. Dont be silly the Nrao will not hunt for big foot.
    They will only look for bug eyed little green or gray men not big foot.
    Dick Cheney looks for big foot.

    1. Yes but certain people associated with the previous sheriffs administration are well know for multiple sighting of bigfoot.Im going to guess the dish people and mucky mucks might brag on them and tell the Russians about them and we could have a ongoing hunt for big foot sponsered by a Russian billionaire and the American goverment .
      It could be the next mountain monsters.
      they might even look for the legendary little green mens base on back Allegany.
      My gosh marlinton and greenie bank could become the next hollywood


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