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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Pocahontas County Yearbooks (4/4/18 version)

These are pdfs which means that you can "Save as" any of these to your hard drive to keep forever.
Please do so!  I have trying to develop a library which rests all Pocahontas County Persons.

Many of these are very, very large.
  Allow time to download.

I am working on a searchable archive but that takes time.

1953 HHS.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:2822.6M
1953 HHS_jp2.zip04-Apr-2018 20:07128.5M
1954 Cass Elem.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:26138.6M
1954 Cass enlarged.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:1923.3M
1954 MHS enlarged.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:1878.9M
1954CassElem_archive.torrent04-Apr-2018 19:2847.8K
1954CassElem_files.xml04-Apr-2018 21:3822.8K
1954CassElem_meta.sqlite04-Apr-2018 19:28109.0K
1954CassElem_meta.xml04-Apr-2018 21:38799.0B
GBHS 1949 1984 reunion.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:143.2M
GBHS 1949.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:1413.4M
GBHS 1951.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:1318.1M
GBHS 1954.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:1250.5M
GBHS 1955.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:0618.4M
GBHS 1956.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:0614.8M
GBHS 1957.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:0511.3M
GBHS 1958.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:0412.9M
GBHS Commencement Brochure.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:04659.9K
GBHS Football Brochure.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:041,023.7K
HGS 1954.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:048.0M
HGS 1983-84.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:038.4M
HGS 1985.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:037.5M
HHS 1923.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:028.0M
HHS 1924.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:027.1M
HHS 1925.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:028.6M
HHS 1952.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:017.1M
HHS 1953.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:0112.4M
HHS 1954.pdf04-Apr-2018 19:0021.5M
HHS 1955.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:5915.6M
HHS 1956.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:5910.8M
HHS 1957.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:5816.9M
HHS 1958.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:579.0M
HHS 1959.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:5718.2M
HHS 1961.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:567.8M
HHS 1965.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:564.8M
HHS 1970.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:5630.8M
HHS Various.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:5430.7M
MES 03-04.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:537.2M
MES 04-05.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:535.6M
MES 2002-03.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:526.0M
MHS 1931.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:52765.8K
MHS 1943.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:529.8M
MHS 1947.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:518.9M
MHS 1948.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:5111.7M
MHS 1949.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:5011.8M
MHS 1950.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:5012.0M
MHS 1951.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:4911.8M
MHS 1952.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:4912.4M
MHS 1953.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:4857.5M
MHS 1953_jp2.zip04-Apr-2018 21:385.0M
MHS 1955.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:4615.2M
MHS 1955_jp2.zip04-Apr-2018 21:355.6M
MHS 1956.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:4514.2M
MHS 1956_jp2.zip04-Apr-2018 20:105.1M
MHS 1957.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:4514.6M
MHS 1957_jp2.zip04-Apr-2018 21:3134.7M
MHS 1958.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:4415.2M
MHS 1958_jp2.zip04-Apr-2018 21:1738.4M
MHS 1959.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:4315.1M
MHS 1959_jp2.zip04-Apr-2018 21:039.0M
PCHS 1971.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:4337.6M
PCHS 1971_jp2.zip04-Apr-2018 20:5413.7M
PCHS 1972.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:4158.5M
PCHS 1972_jp2.zip04-Apr-2018 20:4836.7M
PCHS 1973.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:3982.5M
PCHS 1973_jp2.zip04-Apr-2018 20:2230.6M
PCHS 1974.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:3532.8M
PCHS 1975.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:3415.0M
PCHS 1975_jp2.zip04-Apr-2018 21:375.7M
PCHS 1976.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:3336.0M
PCHS 1977.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:3232.5M
PCHS 1978.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:3031.6M
PCHS 1979.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:2951.0M
PCHS 1980.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:2734.2M
PCHS 1981.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:2563.2M
PCHS 1989.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:2342.3M
PCHS 1990.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:2153.9M
PCHS 1991.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:1959.0M
PCHS 1992.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:1635.2M
PCHS 1993.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:1524.6M
PCHS 1994.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:1432.8M
PCHS 1995.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:1233.1M
PCHS 1996.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:1135.5M
PCHS 1997.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:0935.0M
PCHS 1998.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:0835.2M
PCHS 1999.pdf04-Apr-2018 18:0635.9M

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