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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Breaking News

Breaking News:  The brand new sewage plant owned by the Pocahontas PSD is not surviving the first season at Snowshoe.  

Trucks are said to be making daily trips to Clarksburg to haul overflow sewage.

The local landfill can't take the crap!

The massive new building has cost a lot of money but isn't big enough to do the job and has overflowed all over the place big time.  There was poop all over the floor.  WHAT A MESS.

Can you imagine that a 3 million gallon tank would not do the job?  The PSD was told that the plant would serve the needs of the district for up to 10 years.  IT DIDN'T MAKE THE FIRST YEAR!!!

The original plan was to bail the poop but they found that they would have to cook it at up to 65 degrees to bail it.  They gave up and are now hauling raw sewage to Clarksburg.  What a cost!!!

The electrical motors are costing too much to run.

Who pays?  YOU GUESSED IT!  The taxpayer pays. 

This system was given to us and happily accepted by our fine county commission.  Its kinda like the gift of Howes Leather that Walt Helmick arranged a few years ago.  Both are gifts that keep on giving!!!

It has been reported that the PSD has now taken over the water system.  

Now the sad thing is that Durbin now owns this mess. 

THE PSD WAS EXPANDED FROM THE FORMER DURBIN SYSTEM.   If the PSD bankrupts Durbin could lose its service or face substantial increases in sewage costs.

So open those wallets wide!!!!

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