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Friday, September 23, 2016

How Hillary Could Seize Your Guns


Constitution Check: Might the Supreme Court overrule its own gun rights ruling?

Lyle Denniston,National Constitution Center 18 hours ago 


  1. the nra has taken more guns away from people than dems ever will! thanks to the nra the rising price of guns and ammo, people can't afford them. it's cheaper to by a crappy pound of hamburger than the shotshells to kill a mess of squirrel.

    1. You blame the price of ammo on the nra. Please tell us what you have been smoking and how much.

      The Road Runner...

  2. Why have gun prices gone up .
    Well its not 1975 anymore for one reason.
    Reason 2 is a quality firearm cost more then junk.
    Lawyers are another reason.
    But demo trying to or rumors of gun bans and restrictions. This also resulted in common caliber ammo inceases buy causing fear in the general public which increased demand.
    Unsavory types increased prices on items in high demand such as ar 15 and ak clones and certain ammo.
    Good old President Obama Nancy Pelosi and numerous other far left Democrats think they know what's best for everyone.
    They fail to see the gun is not the problem it's the person.
    This affected
    the entire firearm Industry
    industry and ammo industry.
    The Road Runner...

    1. you have been successfully trolled and your ignorance exposed.

  3. Democrats of the left winh variety
    not only hate guns but also hunters.
    Lets not forget they want every fire arm to have a electronics that prevent anyone but the owner to be able to fire the gun and for each gun to leave a custom coded imprint on each round.
    All of this would drive up the peice of firearms by 3 times current costs and ammo will soar in prices to two to 3 dollars a round for common 9 millimeter.
    The NRA fights these draconian tactics.
    Also dont forget Nancy Pelosi Joe Biden and Dianne Feinstein I think you should use a 12 gauge shotgun how many 80 year old woman do you know that can shoot a 12 gauge shotgun they don't want you to have a pistol for self-defense.
    Make no mistake clinton wants your guns just like obama .
    The criminals will never turn them in Or obey gun laws they love laws that disarm honest citizens it makes it so much easier for them to Rob them or rape them.

    The Road Runner...

  4. These wacked right wingers like the Road Runner whined so much about how Obama was going to take our guns. Eight years later and I still have my guns. Now that their wrong on Obama, it's on to Clinton. Will they ever learn that their whinings are just that?

    1. I do no recall whinning that Obama was going to take guns.
      I do recall whinning about the debt he ran up. In 8 years he ran up more debt than ever president did in the last 240 years.
      Yes I whinned about that.
      I also whinned about the demo partys position on immigration and its long term impact on the usa from lost jobs taken from citizens lower wages from a over abundance off workers.
      And the effects of the Obama policies on foreign affairs.
      Which by the way have placed our nation on the joke list if you notice how groups even entire nations are showi g us their rear end and thumbing their noses at us.
      I also whinned about those on food stamps increasing about 40 percent.
      I also whinned about how there were less people owning their own home in 40 years ago.
      Iwhinned how the militarys no longer the force it was .
      I whinned about Obama care which has cost billions and is not in a state of failure with cops closing insurance companys refusing to provide it due to them loosing millions.
      I whinned about how hillary lost 6 billion dollars while at the head of the statedepartment.
      I have been whinning about how clinton lied about having recived and sent classified material on her private server and Blackberry phones breaking laws left and right endangering a untold ammount of people and operations yet getting better deals then the pokey Sheriffs offices felons and family of rats.
      So yes im a whinner no doubt but not about the posdiblity of my guns being taken away.

      Tell me are you still crying blaming bush for everything or have you got over that.

      The Road Runner...

      One nice thing has happen3d under Obama the stock market is good and the Really rich have gotten richer under obama and big coporationns are posting record profits
      the ranks of the poor have increased I giess someones got to pay so hillary and obama can play

    2. You may have to sell your guns under the demos your part of the national debt w4ent from about 75,ooo to 180,ooo. I be more worried about that.

  5. Sorry guys and girls but no one is going to take you guns. Nope not going to happen. Please allow me to explain and please look up what i'm going to say please fact check.
    A President cannot abolish an amendment, the congress cannot abolish an amendment and the supreme court cannot abolish an amendment. Truly.....please read this. Let’s say we decided to do away with the 2nd Amendment. Here’s what would need to happen:

    The U.S. House of Representatives would need to come together with the Senate and draft an Amendment to the Constitution. They would then need to approve it with a two-thirds supermajority. Simply drafting and approving a proposed Amendment to the Constitution is difficult, as it requires the vast majority of Congress (including the lobbyists who own them) to be on board with it.

    Once approved by both houses of Congress, the proposal is then sent to the states for ratification. This requires three-fourths of state legislatures to vote in approval of it, meaning it’s not just Congress who has to be in overwhelming agreement– the governments of the 50 states have to be in near-universal agreement with the proposed change as well.

    This is precisely why there have been so few changes to the Constitution in our history– it is extremely hard to do, and it requires the vast majority of the country to be in agreement about the change.

    It cannot be done by one person. It cannot even be done by one branch of government. That’s not how our system works. Yes that is how it works. So please stop telling people that Hillary and Obama is going to take people's guns.


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