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Monday, September 26, 2016

Gun Control is Racist


  1. i hope they got gran'pa jack back to the nursing home ok.

  2. Guns protect loved ones? BS. More Americans have been killed by guns since 1968 than all of the soldiers, etc., who have died in all of our wars.
    Guns are racist. Did you know that unarmed blacks are shot and killed at a much higher rate by the police than unarmed whites?

    1. 732 whites shot by police and 381 blacks and 382 more were various races.

      Statically you are right but there seem to be a higher number of crimes taking place in black neigherhoods.
      Also whites tend to sell drugs out of hones while blacks tend to use open air public drug areas resulting in a much higher crine rate resulting in more shootouts.
      Also blacks and latinos tend to be involved more in street gsngs
      This results in violent behavior and criminal actions and run-in with the police.

      The Road Runner...

    2. Now lets research death data a Little Closer.
      In Chicago over the last 8 years over 3600 peopke were murdered by guns almost all black.
      Clearly we either need to decrease the number of black people in chicago where we have toughest gun laws in America or increase the ammount of white people there till as many whites are shot as blacks so we have a non race-related death rate we all deserve a equal opportunity to be shot and murdered.

      In 2015 there were 24000 people shot or wounded from guns.
      But that same year there were 38000 killed and 1.4 million injured in auto crashs.
      Also more of them were white which clearly shows how auto seem to be racist.
      No doubt our anti gun freind would agree a killer is a killer.

      Clearly a machine did not kill those people the drivers neglance did but thats my common sense approach and I'm probably wrong.
      Lets use our anti gun freinds philosophy and reasoning.

      Perhaps we need to do more in depth backround checks on drivers.
      Or limit drivers to cars that can not go over 35 mph that should reduce deaths but it takes all fun of having a mustang or corvette or a Maserati.
      Next the race issue clearly if more white drivers are being killed than black drivers we need to increase the number of black drivers so a equal ammount of them can die.or reduce the ammount of white drivers so less of them die. Just like in death wish when the lady said yes there are more black muggers killed by the police then white what do you want to do increase the number of white muggers.

      Statistics are indeed very important and they are also very misleading.
      Common Sense maybe the most important statistic of them all.
      Sadly if you don't have it you don't have it and never will.

      The Road Runner...

  3. hope they got gran'pa back to the nursing home ok.

  4. Now they are working to take guns from the white tax payer. While the blacks loot steal break in and rape our women. They will not work or pay their fair share of taxes but live off of us the tax payers. They want blacks to have guns and take guns from the whites.

    1. You fall into the same class of thinking as our anti gun freind.

      Common sense why is it so hard to find people with it.

      The Road Runner...

  5. Interesting.

    The Road Runner...

  6. 112000 were shot in the usa in 2015 of those 24000 were killed.
    But lets look at the real killer.
    Autos there were 38000 who died in car wrecks and 1.4 million were injured.
    No doubt we should require more backround checks as clearly to many people are getting cars that should not.
    Also we should limit them toca top speed of 35 mph and one cylinder to limit the death and destructive powers of these cars.
    Next far more whites are involved in car wrecks im not sure if we need to have more black drivers or less whites but clearly these cars perfer to kill whites.

    Statistics don't lie only the people who can not see the entire picture and that are unable to see the truth or who do not want to.

    Common sense you either have it or dobt.

    The Road Runner...

  7. In death wish at a party a man is telling a woman how more black muggers are shot then white muggers in nyc.
    The woman replys well charlie what do you want to do increase the number of white muggers.

    Tell me what the answer to such statements. There is truth in both
    persons words but no answers to the problem as of yet.

    The Road Runner...

  8. So our anti gun freinds think guns are raciest.
    I have handled guns that have been in my family from the 1800s along with the few I have and freinds.
    Truely a untold ammount of firearms.
    I have yet to have one of my guns to encourage me to kill a black person,nor white or brown or yellow person.
    I cant understand that not one.
    Perhaps my guns are not raciest or my family or freinds.
    I confess many of the guns in my life are killers.
    Yes they have killed squrills turkey phesent grouse and quail.
    A hand full of ducks a dump truck full of deer and even a small bull elk.lots of can and targets of all sorts also.
    But in defense I pulled the trigger they did not make me do it I am the guilty party I confess.
    The guns did not encourage me in any way but my taste buds in my mouth did tell me to shoot them.

    The Road Runner...

    P.S. Go easy on them your loardship
    Punish me for I am guilty the guns did nothing wrong.
    Just like those 15 blackberrys the Clintons beat with a hammer, its not the phones fault they should of been spared.


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