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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Here's what I am hearing about the pending rape of Watoga...

It starts at the Greenbrier which Justice owns.  We have a report that the guy who was the architect for the million dollar homes on the golf course is one of the founders of the Barrel making company.

If true this puts Justice right in the middle of this scheme.

White oak is the choice of barrel makers.  Cal Price State Forest is just about logged out so there needs to be more white oak available.  Justice sponsored the bill to strip Watoga of its valuable white oak so that his buddy can build a factory at White Sulphur near the Greenbrier.

The south end of the park has an ancient road from Burr Valley to Alvon.  Do they plan to build road all the way to Alvon?  Or do they plan to resurrect the railroad so that the timber can be hauled on a train?

Did you notice that Helmick has suddenly decided to run for County Commission?  Think of the havoc he could cause with his Charleston background.

No, Howes Leather building has burned down under Helmick's watch care.  What role do you think he plans to have in the destruction of Watoga.  Do you think for a minute that Helmick loves Watoga???


  1. you know that barrel factory could`ve been put in the empty edray building which cost 1.5 million to build and has been empty since it was built and paid for by us for what? hey walt is unapposed

  2. Walt stop screwing and raping the public your as bad as walton he was sick your just greedy.

    The Road Runner ...


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