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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Illegal Expenditure of Public Funds????

During the hear callers portion of the meeting, Hillsboro resident Jay Miller addressed the board with his concerns over a voting item on the agenda which is correlated with the board’s decision to move the board office to the former Moose Lodge in Buckeye.
“I’m here to talk about item number thirteen on the agenda, which is the approval of a contract for Taylor Construction to do the renovations at the old Moose Lodge so that you can move this office there, and related issues,” Miller said.
Among his concerns, Miller informed the board that the board, as a county government entity has to follow certain laws and he wanted to make sure the board was aware of that.
“I want to remind the board that county government is required to follow state contracting rules,” he said. “Also, the state must comply with federal labor laws.”
Miller continued to list concerns he had about the proposed contract and stated there are many missing elements in the proposal.
During his update to the board, Beam responded to Miller’s statements, and clarified what the board was voting on.
“I just want to point out one thing about item number thirteen,” he said. “Item number thirteen is approval of the bid proposal. It is not a contract. It’s just approving the bid proposal.”

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