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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Taking America Back {Selected} A


  1. This is a bunch of crap beginning with "We the People." There were no slaves or free blacks at the constitutional convention, or women, or off-the-boat immigrants, or subsistence farmers, or mere laborers, just the wealthy. In his Gettysburg Address Abraham Lincoln spoke of a government "of the people, by the people and for the people." He obviously was not talking about blacks because they were not yet free and women who could not vote for another 57 years. Just by looking at the latest "tax reform" bill, I can see that nothing much has changed in 228 years.

  2. Its to bad you are blind .
    Things have changed so much and for the better.
    There are tons of women and blacks elected into congress mayors governors and other positions.

    We also have a lot of women blacks and immigrants who are wealthy not just millionaires but billionaires.
    Your blundness is causing you to hate.I feel sorry for you.

    The Road Runner...

  3. We need to go back to the original they have changed way to much. the original was closer to the Bible. It gave women what they needed and gave blacks what they had coming. muslims and immigrants had there place. Trump will bring us back on track again.


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