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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Troy Knows Where All the Bodies are Buried.

Troy McCoy has 26 years experience in the Pocahontas County let's consider that that experience:

Arbowail has left a new comment on your post "A Local Example of How Corrupt Our Legal System R...

"Let's not forget that when raw deals and many more like it went down our boy McCoy was right there ..who knows maybe he was the arresting ocifer or maybe he drove the car ...

Just remember he was with kfc(cris cole) when run a muck set it up with pam pritt to arrest norman lee alderman in front of the Pocahontas Times office for a traffic ticket which resulted in reverend alderman being knocked down in the street and suffering an injury necessitating an emergency room visit and an ambulance ride resulting in $5,000 hospital bill of course he didn`t lift a finger to help Norman up or stop it..

Let's not forget that when Troy boy brags about 26 years experience in the sheriffs department that he was front and center for every raw deal that went down.

Robby Alkier ,Bradley totten`s 77 serial rapes, 

J.l.clifton ,k.f.c.(cris cole)being run out of Kentucky .

Bradley Nelson being hired in spite of his rap sheet, rode along when Norman's house was raided for a made up charge of cyper stalking ,

Now looking the other way when sam hummel came from god knows where and is now following in tottens foot steps with rape charges of a county employee ,

And now a new out of state deputy who again god knows what his back round is or what he is running from.

Boy that is quite a resume` ain`t it just a small part of things that went down in the 26years 

Not even a peep came from McCoy just so quiet you can hear the crickets cherp.... 

What makes anyone think that anything will change in a McCoy administration??? just more of the same old same old.

Norman's Note:  And I would add that a girl was raped RIGHT IN THE SHERIFF'S OFFICE AND TROY MCCOY HAS NEVER SAID A WORD ABOUT THAT.

Oh, yes, he was in the sheriff's office when Ronnie Simmons died!

Does Anyone want another 26 years of this kind of experience???


  1. lets vote for jeff barlow and not continue the stain and scourge that has been the last eight years of the misguided administration of chief run a muck ..troy McCoy will only be a replay of the last 26 years that he boasts about on his many campaign signs .... justice delayed is justice denied ...please refer to the public admonishment that norman posted early this month rule 1.2 confidence in the applies to the sheriffs department because for to long these night time arrests of law abiding citizens have been nothing more than punishment by arrest and meant to stifle,intimidate and muzzle peoples first amendment rights of free reads a judge shall act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the independence;integrity and impartiality of the judiciary and shall avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety ... this should also apply to the sheriff and all who serve under him ....we have to have faith in our police and frankly it has been a long time since that can be said ....I think jeff barlow can accomplish this goal .... I understand that he has said the first thing he will do is get rid of sam hummel and that in it`s self is a good start ...

  2. or was Ronnie simmons murdered ????

  3. people usually do not off themselves after being just elected as a new member of the county commission not even in Pocahontas county

  4. As for Ron Simmons death your barking up the wrong tree.
    But you got the right orchard I think

    The Road Runner...

  5. barlow, retired from state police, finds he now needs to pad his retirement, runs for sheriff; yep imma votin fer someone with that motivation!#*! other than your "guilt by association" theme, you have no evidence mccoy was involved or dictated any of that of which you now complain; fact is he's the only honest one up there

    1. if he is so honest how come he never went to the F B I a lot of honest people would have turned totten in and as for padding his pension wonder what you thought run a muck wanted to be sheriff for because as it turned out he was the worst calamity ever to hit this poor county his LT.COLONEL pension which is six figures was not enough what was his motivation!

    2. one thing is certain dreama barlow will get rid of your ass real fast

    3. Did we forget Barlow beat a pizza delivery man

    4. He won't approve it about his boy

  6. I`m not saying troy was the trigger man just saying that he was on the team at the time and silence was the word

  7. Least we forget Jeff Barlow got in trouble for beating a pizza delivery boy almost to death

    1. you can get a pizza delivered in this county ????news to me

  8. People Norman said to vote for Barlow so that is what you do!! You don't ask questions!! Never mind the fact that Barlow nearly beat a young man to death. That is not important. You have been told who to vote for by your reverend / pastor. NOW GO DO AS YOU ARE TOLD.


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